Training: Career orientation toward gender empowerment

- Training will be conducted in Vietnamese / Ngôn ngữ training bằng Tiếng Việt
- Education institutions send email to register for attending staff / Các đơn vị và cá nhân quan tâm vui lòng gửi email đăng ký cùng thông tin số lượng nhân sự/học viên

Gender equality across Vietnam industries

Gender equality across industries project (GEAI) is funded by the U.S. Consulate General, with the vision to raise public awareness in the "gender equality" issues, which have been existing across many fields and sectors in Vietnam. Since 2021, GEAI has raised awareness and empowered impacts in major industries: Media, Non-profits, Beauty & Fashion, Education, Journalism, Digital Games.

Gender inequality in education has profound repercussions on economic growth and sustainable development, particularly for nations and ethnicities unable to harness the full potential of their entire populace due to unequal educational opportunities. This disparity affects both men and women, hindering their ability to contribute effectively to society. Furthermore, gender imbalances in certain fields exacerbate inequalities in the labor market and employment opportunities.

For women, unequal access to education presents a significant barrier to entering professions requiring advanced academic qualifications and technical skills, thus limiting their potential for higher income and professional advancement. This is particularly concerning given the modern advancements in science and technology, where skilled labor is in high demand. As women lag behind in education and skill development, they face greater challenges in adapting to evolving work environments and enhancing labor efficiency. Consequently, this perpetuates a cycle of limited employment opportunities and restricted economic participation, further exacerbating income disparities.

The impact of gender inequality in education is particularly severe for marginalized communities, such as poor families and ethnic minorities, who face heightened financial burdens in accessing education. Poor infrastructure and geographical constraints compound these challenges, particularly for girls, who often face significant barriers in commuting to school. Additionally, entrenched gender biases within these communities, such as the belief that girls do not require extensive education, further exacerbate disparities in educational investment. Consequently, girls are disproportionately disadvantaged in terms of educational opportunities, employment prospects, and social integration.

Career guidance plays a critical role, especially with significant influence from Universities and Colleges. This March, GEAI will organize the training program for personnel working in career guidance: corporate relations, admissions, and student relations at domestic universities and colleges. At GEAI, we do not stop only at women empowerment, but rather focus on gender equality and diversity.

Training guest speakers

Each of our guests with their expertise will add voices and diversify the training content.

Huynh Le Khanh

Co-founder For Good Vietnam Network

Linh Ngo

Director - ICS Center

Training guest speakers

Each of our guests with their expertise will add voices and diversify the training content.

Huynh Le Khanh

Co-founder - ForGood Vietnam Network

Dang Pham Thien Duy

Researcher & Academic manager - RMIT University

Nguyen Thi Minh Giang

APAC Senior Program Manager - Schoolab

Focused training agenda

The 2-day intensive program will inspire and encourage you to be a gender equality change catalyst or champion at your workplace. Fully funded by the U.S. Consulate General, the training is specially designed and customized for each relevant industry. Field of training: career orientation towards gender empowerment in the Education industry

Thursday 21 March 2024


  • Gender Gaps Awareness
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Gender role, stereotypes


  • Key challenges of gender equity in Education
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Guest Speaker: Communicate Gender Equality

Friday 22 March 2024


  • Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Career Orientation
  • Guest Speaker: Stakeholder map and their influence in Education


  • Lead Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusive strategy & roadmap
  • Guest speaker: Impact Project Management
  • Project planning, presentation & debate

Project time

How ready you are to be the champion of change? Let other champions lend you their hands too.

The project time lasts for 8 weeks after the intensive training days, when you will raise awareness at your institution, toward other beneficiaries (stakeholders). Upon the completion of the second training day, each group comprising of school representatives will develop an action plan, and have 8 weeks to reach their setting goals. This is a cost-sharing project, when there will be a small fund assigned to each approved project.

Reflection & Graduation

Let look back on your journey of change together as a group, and reflect on the gender equality actions.

Has it been a challenging journey for everyone? Any fruitful result have you achieved? What does gender equality mean for you, and how is the current situation in your industry? Inspire others to be the champion of change like you too.

Application criteria

Who will be the ideal candidate to join this outstanding training program? Who can apply to join this special-designed training in the field of gender equity, diversity and inclusion at workplace?


Personnel working in career guidance


Commited to the whole training timeline


Max. 2 personnel per institution


In Education industry


Prioritize representatives from Mekong Delta/Coastal areas from Da Nang to the South


Willing to be the champion of change


No, the whole training program is fully funded by the U.S. Consulate General. It includes training fees, learning materials, and all the required coordination to make this happen. Make sure you can commit to the end of the program once being selected.
Yes, there will be a ceremony organized upon your completion of the program, issued and presented by the U.S. Consulate General. This will be a special moment as an outstanding reward at the end.
It depends on the team agreement, your action plan, and the expected objectives, all set by your team. A clear communication and supports among all team members are highly recommended to keep the project going.
The training will be in Vietnamese, as our beneficiary group are for the Viet people to be the champion of change in their work environment.

It will be face to face at The American Center. However, training method might be changed to hybrid or online depend on the unforeseen circumstances, such as pandemic, disaster, etc.

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Venue: The American Center, floor 8, Diamond Plaza, 34 Le Duan, D1, HCMC
Guest welcome: 16h30
Program starts exactly at: 17h00
Kindly arrive on time to avoid event interruptions
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Training will be conducted in Vietnamese / Ngôn ngữ training bằng Tiếng Việt

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